Natural Stone

Marble and granite are both natural stone products. If you are looking for a truly unique colour, natural stone might be for you as no single slab is the same. Granite and marble offer a stunning look and good durability but need to be maintained.

There is a large variety of natural stone available, and the selections of stock vary on a regular basis. To view current stock levels from local suppliers, please click on the links below.

CDK Stone:

Below are images of some of the colours regularly requested by our customers.


Product Overview


  • Original – Created in nature so no two pieces of stone are ever the exact same
  • Variety – An ever-changing range of colours and textures
  • Strong and long lasting – formed over thousands of years so very durable


Natural stone is porous – even when sealed. To help maintain the appearance and for ease of cleaning, we recommend sealing your natural stone surface (and resealing it as per the frequency advised by the supplier of the particular stone you select). It is important to note, that even when sealed any spills will need to be wiped up immediately to help prevent staining or discolouration.